Themac Diamond Dresser & "C" Clamp
"C" Clamp for Diamond Dresser
Diamond Dresser

Diamond Dresser & Holder

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The Themac Diamond Dresser includes a single point diamond dresser and a "C" clamp-type holder. Diamond dressers offer a straight cutting edge that removes worn abrasives and sharpens the grinding wheel. The holder opens up to 2 5/8" and gives you the option to position the diamond in front or on either side of the clamp.

Attach it directly to the lathe for dressing a grinding wheel - the process of sharpening a grinding wheel by removing any dull grains or excess bonding material.

Keep your grinding wheels sharp and your finishes precise. The Themac Diamond Dresser & Holder is the perfect accessory for any tool post grinder.


  • Point Type: Single Point
  • Diamond Carat Size (Carat): 1.0