Symptom Cause Remedy

Wheel glazed &

Dressing technique too fine
Work speed too slow
Cut too light
Wheel too hard
Wheel speed too fast
Use coarser dressing technique
Increase work speed
Increase cut
Use softer wheel
Decrease wheel speed
Work heat distorted Work speed too high
Wheel too hard
Dry grinding
Decrease work speed
Use softer wheel
Use grinding fluid

Wheel rubbing &
burning work

Wheel glazed Dress wheel
Use softer wheel
Increase work speed
bouncing, or
Loose spindle bearings
Spindle deflection
Faulty belt
Motor vibration
Machine vibration
Wheel too hard
Wheel out of balance
Wheel improperly dressed
Improper work speed
Wheel speed too high
Check spindle bearings
Use shorter extension
Check belt for uneven thickness & bumpiness
Check motor bearings and motor mount
Check machine and foundation vibration
Use softer wheel
Use balanced wheels
Redress wheel
Increase or decrease work speed
Decrease wheel speed
fishtails in work
Grift in coolant
Faulty dressing
Sludge and grit in wheel guard
Filter coolant
Use sharp diamond
Use finer dressing technique
Carefully clean wheel guard
Traverse marks
in work
Corners not rounded off
Spring in spindle
Too deep of cut
Work speed too slow
Break corners by dressing
Check for warped or out of round spindle
Decrease cut
Increase work speed and change traverse rate